Yosemite Outdoor Adventure
Yosemite Outdoor Adventure
California Outdoor Adventure
California Outdoor Adventure
California Outdoor Adventure
California Outdoor Adventure
California Outdoor Adventure
California Outdoor Adventure

California Outdoor Adventure

1) Select Your Desired Activities Below
2) Hit Activate Questionnaire Button
3) Complete Questionnaire Of Your Ideal Adventure
4) Local Guide Creates Your Custom Adventure

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  • Local Outdoor Professionals Create Your Experience
  • All Experiences Are Created From Your Questionnaire Responses
  • Receive A FREE Town Insight Page

Your ideal outdoor adventure is as unique as you are. Do not rely on random reviews within websites or top ten lists designed for who knows. Rely on a Local Guide who works with clients every day and knows the area as a professional would. Select your activities above and complete the questionnaire which determines your ideal outdoor adventure. A Local Guide will review the questionnaire and create a custom trip plan so you can experience YOUR ideal version of the outdoors.

For EACH activity (hiking, camping, MTB, climb, 4x4) you select above, you will receive THREE completely custom trail, crag, or campsite suggestions within your trip plan. With each suggestion you will receive the following:

- Name of the trail, crag, or campsite
- GPS coordinates to the trail-head, crag, or campsite
- A summary explaining the suggestion and why your Local Guide thinks its right for you
- 3 Pro's and Con's to help you decide which of the three suggestions best fit you
- Photos of the suggestion Note: these photos may not be movie quality but they are provided by our Guides to help you decide which suggestion best fits YOU

Additionally, you will receive a Town Insight Page which includes:
- The Local Guide's favorite restaurant, cafe, and brewery
- The Local Guide's favorite small businesses in the town
- Regulatory Considerations - regulations you should be aware of when traveling to the area
- Environmental Considerations - Locally provided environmental FYI's only a Local could provide

(Examples are within the product photos)

Whether you are an avid adventurer or new to the outdoors we have all experienced the "information barrier" when trying to plan your next ideal outdoor adventure. If you don't require a guide but you want to know the best places to go based on you. GuideGap is here to fill that GAP.  

About Our Guides

We ensure our Guides contain formal experience and have the ability to evaluate YOUR questionnaires first. Then we make sure they have the knowledge of the area.

Getting you to the best trail, crag, or campsite is important but keeping you happy and safe is a priority.

Hiking: We provide you with three trail suggestions. Our Locals are familiar with all the trails in the area and will know if they are for you.

Camping: Our Locals specialize in different types of camping and are prepared to suggest the perfect campsites for:
1) Dispersed Car Camping (No amenities but remote)
2) Backpacking to a dispersed Campsite (No amenities but very remote)
3) Traditional Campground (Picnic Table, Fire Ring, Bathrooms)
4) RV/Trailer Hook Up sites or sites you can get to for dispersed camping

Climbing: We provide three crag suggestions. Why crag suggestions you ask? There is not a lot of information about climbing crags out there. It would be too easy to give classic climbs, instead we match you with a crag that contains your desired routes but also meets other needs such as kid, pet friendly, designed for a crag day, in the shade or not in the shade and so on.

Mountain Biking: We provide you three trail suggestions. Our Locals are soo experienced they typically get you on trail systems and tell you which routes within their to ride. Do you prefer flow, downhill, mellow or all the above? Our Locals know the trail for you. 

Off Roading: Do you have a rig, dirt bike, side by side? We have you covered, whether you're looking for a mellow trail to picnic down or if you're yearning for obstacles our Locals have you covered. 

We Have Hundreds Of Local Guides Ready To Create Your Ideal Outdoor Adventure