Preppin For A Self Guided Climbing Adventure California

Preppin For A Self Guided Climbing Adventure – California

California Rock Climb

Self Guided Rock Climbing In California

We all know the feeling. End of the week is finally creeping up, which means weekend warrior trip status is psyched and ready to kick into gear! We also all probably know the feeling of getting outside; maybe you are racking up or maybe you just laid down in your tent under stars and you have the heart sink of forgetting an important piece of gear or equipment. Nothing can throw a wrench in your plans like forgetting the crucial piece of gear for the crux pitch or maybe forgetting the trusty headlamp and your hike out becomes more exciting than it needs to be. Having a solid packing plan and all around learning to be prepared for your trips can only make those awesome weekend trips (or any trip for that matter) even more epic in the greatest way!

I have probably forgotten every piece of gear at least once. Even the ones that are so important that I had to find a gym to buy a new one (ie my GriGri!). My packing and trip preparing ritual has become so set in stone and important it is one of the things that I get most psyched for when I’m thinking about my next trip! 

California Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure Means There Will Be Weather!

Monitor The Weather: Before I even pack for the weekend adventure (honestly probably as soon as I get home from the previous weekend adventure) my first instinct is to start to monitor the factor we can’t control in our weekend trip – the weather! I have tried multiple weather apps and most of them are great! The most accurate app / website I have found to work the best is AccuWeather, you can really pinpoint certain areas to get the most accurate precipitation prediction and temperature forecast which we all know can really change the feeling of your trip if we aren’t properly prepared for the elements.

California Climbing

Stoke That Self Guided Rock Climbing Crew!

Rally The Crew: Outside of gear what is the most important part of preparing for your trip? The crew! Your partners! Being based out of Sacramento I am quite lucky to have a plethora of people who are forever psyched on getting outdoors. One of my favorite ways to get people psyched throughout the week is to send a couple guidebook photos, maybe send a couple friction temp / great weather reports, and of course psych is contagious! Positive energy and vibes can go a long way when you are looking to see who is interested in getting out for the weekend. Another great way to meet folks is to check your local bulletin board at your gym! I have bounced around the US many days alone and I have found awesome climbing partners and also lifelong friends from checking out the locals board at the gym. It is also a great way to learn about an area if you travel with someone who is from there. One very important detail before you head out of town is to let someone know where you are going and when you plan on coming back. Obviously we don’t like to think in a negative fashion but it is good to be prepared for unexpected events, have someone near your home base looking out for you in case you ever need the assistance. It is ALWAYS better to be prepared and play it safe.

California Rock Climb

Your Self Guided Gear Layout Is Key

Layout Your Gear: When it comes to packing, before you even start, your best first step is to scope out the area that you are looking to hit. Take a look at your Trip Plans for any camping information, crag information, or trail information. This can help you start your list for gear, clothes, and camping equipment that is needed. After referencing your handy Trip Plans, it is a good time to reference the local guidebook or Mountain Project for even more detailed information on the rack or gear that is required – you don’t want to forget the key pieces! Just like the photo above I think it is extra beneficial to lay out the gear sorted together by alikeness or activity, whatever makes most sense to your brain. You want to know exactly what you are going to take with you as it is also easy to get gear mixed up with the folks that you travel with. Having an organized visual straight in front of you also helps you pinpoint what is missing from your gear stash that is going to power your weekend. 


Achieve Your Greatest California Rock Climbing Adventure

Planning Is Part Of It: Different areas that we travel to whether it is to climb, hike, bike, camp, etc – call for different types of gear. On weekend trips or bigger destination trips, we don’t often have as much time to play the “trial and error” game when trying to find crags or campsites. I am eager to start exploring new places by using the GuideGap Trip Plans. Having these Plans by my side will make planning for trips WAY less stressful by directing me on where to look rather than just getting overwhelmed by all of the information on Mountain Project. Mountain Project is a fantastic resource to add to your tool kit to dive a little deeper into route information after referencing your GuideGap Trip Plans. Our local Guides are here to help us keep the psych high and have a smooth and fun weekend trip!

About The Author: Maddie

Maddie recently graduated college and became a rock climbing guide in California. She has grown up climbing and if shes not writing she is most likely on the wall!

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