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We connect you with LOCAL GUIDES so you can explain your IDEAL CAMPSITE and help you discover your ideal campsite via our interactive online process. 


What's Your Ideal Wyoming Campsite?

Remote & Solitude

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What's Your Ideal Wyoming Campsite?

Comfort & Amenities

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GuideGap's Satisfaction Guarantee

You trusted us with your next outing and that is something we do not take lightly. We very much appreciate your business and are here to make your life easier and will do everything we can to make sure you're satisfied.

If you do not like ANY of our Guide's suggestions please let us know and we will work with you to make you happy. The reason we give three suggestions because, well three strikes you’re out! However, we are very confident in our guide’s ability to match you with your perfect trail, crag, or campsite which is why we offer this guarantee!

Sara Benis
(Google Review)

I'm generally pretty particular about picking the perfect excursions for my vacations. But sometimes the process is as time consuming as another job. It can be difficult to know if an adventure is the right fit given my abilities, equipment, timeline, and current conditions without being able to communicate with a local directly. Rob and his local guides at GuideGap are professional, meticulous, experienced, and knowledgeable so they can help anyone find the right hike for their needs. Given the amount of time I invested in the past, the quick assistance is well worth the small fees. 

Mike Waters
(Facebook Review)

As a seasoned climber, I figured I'd try this service and was delighted with the results. GuideGap hooked me up with a mountain guide who first provided some killer suggestions for a couple weekend trips and then I followed up for the camping guides to get the inside scoop on where to stay while exploring new areas. The content was delivered quickly with quality and it's the only way I know to support guides while in-person services are limited. I'll be back for more soon!

Joey Bianco
(Google Review)

Guide gap is a great service!! I just bought a new suv and didn’t know what trails were in my area that I would feel comfortable off roading. My guide picked a great location, made sure it was open and made sure I had a great time. Wonderful group of guides. I def will use them again!!

What's Your Ideal Wyoming Campsite?

Family Friendly

What's Your Ideal Wyoming Campsite?

Pet Friendly

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Receive Three Custom Wyoming Campsite Options From A Local Professional

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Wyoming Outdoor Adventure
Wyoming Outdoor Adventure

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Receive 3 Custom
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