Off Road Trip Plan

Complete our off road quesitonnaire and a Local Guide will currate a custom off road adventure based on your inputs!


No more spending hours online looking for hikes and reading reviews


Since our guides do not physically go with you, a 4×4 trip plan only costs $30!


Know the trail you’ll be hiking was suggested by a Local Guide

3 Off Roading Suggestions  $30

Show Outdoor Adventure

With each suggestion you receive the following:

  •  Name of the trail
  •  GPS coordinates to the trail-head
  • A summary explaining the suggestion and why your Local Guide thinks its right for you
  • 3 Pro’s and Con’s to help you decide which of the three suggestions best fit you
  • Photos of the suggestion 

Why GuideGap

Your ideal outdoor adventure is as unique as you are. Do not rely on random reviews within websites or top ten lists designed for who knows. Rely on a Local Guide who works with clients every day and knows the area as a professional would. 

Show Outdoor Adventure

Your Town Insight Page which includes:

  • The Local Guide’s favorite restaurant, cafe, and brewery
  • The Local Guide’s favorite small businesses in the town
  • Regulatory Considerations 
  • Environmental Considerations


Know Where To GO

Fill out our QUICK questionnaire and a Local Guide will suggest where to go

Be Your Own Guide

Adventure on your own time with your own party with the INPUT of a Local Guide

Best Experience Possible

When time is limited rely on the input from a Local Guide to ensure you find the best off road trail for you

Local Town Knowledge

Learn a Local’s favorite small businesses and eats

Off Road Options

  • Vehicles
  • Side By Sides
  • Dirt Bike
  • 4 wheelers

All Types of Off Roading

  • Overland
  • Rock Crawl
  • Mellow
  • Hard

Discover New Trails

The best trails are shared by Local Guides and Experts

Professional Insight

Our Guides are familiar with all the trails in the area and will know if they are right for you

Save Time, Gain Confidence, Make Memories

Try GuideGap Now

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