The Latest Media Write Up’s

We are trying to improve how you get outside and support local! Sometimes that gains the attention of the media!

MOJA Gear is excited about GuideGap, Check out the article HERE

“GuideGap bridges, well, the gap between the self-planned trip and the totally guided trip experience. Most climbers already know how to climb safely, so it’s rare to want to pay hundreds of dollars to hire a guide trained to teach climbing safety”

Why Adventure Outside? Check out the article HERE

An External blog post from Hunter, a Fort Collins, CO Guide Check out the write up HERE

“Could there be something that we’re missing deep within our core that can only be found in mother nature? Is it possible that we’ve been drifting away from our deep psychological need to face adversity and experience discovery and bond with one another on a different level? Why do we see people recreate outside? Why do we see so many people floating down rivers, and climbing on cliff sides, and jumping out of airplanes? Why not just stay inside?”