Is California Your Next Outdoor Adventure Destination

Is California Your Next Outdoor Adventure Destination?


Consider California For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Cali Is For Everyone: Start your day off by clipping a couple bolts up in the Sierra Nevada mountains, drive down the hill grab a bite to eat in Sacramento for lunch, shoot over to Stinson Beach area north of San Francisco to surf or skimboard and to watch the sunset over the ocean to finish off the adventure – welcome to California! There are not many states where you can be up at 10,000 feet of elevation and back down to the ocean in a matter of a few hours, I feel lucky to call California my home. California is home to all sorts of beautiful terrain, I would like to think everyone could find a part of the state that they love. From the mountains of the High Sierra that house Mt. Whitney, Yosemite, and Sequoia to the beautiful High Desert which is a home to Bishop and the entrance to Death Valley. If you haven’t added California to your list of destinations to visit, I would put it high up there!

California Backcountry

Backcountry, Hiking, Camping, Biking, 4×4, Climbing, California Has It All

Terrain Of All Types:The vast variety of terrain encourages all sorts of awesome outdoor activities. While I spend most of my days exploring the California climbing opportunities, there is a vast variety of hiking that ranges from coastal redwoods to an alpine dream that is not to be missed. During the winter months Tahoe and Mammoth become two of the greatest skiing and snowboarding destinations. World class resorts? You got it. Backcountry bowls? Waterhouse or Powerhouse Peak, take your pick! There are a plethora of outdoor activities rolling around here in California and often you don’t have to travel more than a couple of hours to hit more than one, in one day! One of my favorite parts of climbing in California is the obscure places it can take you. You always end up grabbing coffee in the coolest small town or maybe you find a hiking area that you have never heard of before – it is truly amazing where you can end up here!


Consider California For Your Next Rock Climbing Outdoor Adventure

Calling All Climbers: As an outdoor enthusiast, I am sure one of the first areas we all think of (especially us climbers) is of course Yosemite! Yosemite is home to some of the greatest climbing in the world. From trad, to bouldering, to sport it is truly one place where you can find it all. Being in that park is a magical feeling whether you are climbing, hiking, or having a picnic in El Cap meadow – it is not one to miss.

Outside of Yosemite, California is home to many large well known national parks that are all worth a visit: Joshua Tree, Sequoia / Kings Canyon, Death Valley, and Redwoods are just to name a few!

A little further off the beaten path is the small town of Jenner, California home to a state park that goes by the name of Salt Point. A beautiful sandstone coastline full of sport climbing, bouldering, and hiking.

If you ever find yourself in San Francisco take a drive up the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway to find yourself away from the city crowds. It is an amazing entrance to the Northern California Coastline. Being based out of Sacramento, my favorite “local” spot of California is the Donner Summit region. The views of Donner Lake are absolutely stunning, the granite ninja climbing is hard to beat, and oh and the history of Donner Pass is pretty interesting if you haven’t had a chance to look into it – hint: study the names of the routes at the Snowshed wall for some clues!

California Adventure

GuideGap Provides Convenience And Confidence When Planning Your California Outdoor Adventure

When I was learning how to rock climb and venture around the outdoors I spent most of my days wandering around the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, for those who haven’t been there it is very well traveled with highly marked and well maintained trails (we can thank the Access Fund for that!). They have perfect parking lots and a couple of amazing guidebooks to get you around with no problem!

Boy was I in for a surprise moving to California. The alpine country of California is full of “climber trails” and “cairns” to help you navigate through the rolling rocky wilderness, through some trial and error I have finally learned my way around and learned what all different types of trails look like here in California.

I wish I would have discovered GuideGap and their California Destination Guides when I moved here!

Although, I am very excited to say that now I get to help write the very Destination Guides that you will be taking on your California Adventures. I can’t wait to share cool climbing areas, hiking trails, and beautiful camping zones via the Destination Guides from experiences that I have had to help you ease your trip planning and route finding all over the Sacramento and Tahoe Regions of California. Getting dropped into the backcountry whether it is in Yosemite or Tahoe or the rolling foothills outside of Sacramento can be a little intimidating, luckily the GuideGap guides are here to help you through all of your adventures whether it is climbing, camping, hiking, or other wheeled adventures – we have your back!

About The Author: Maddie

Maddie recently graduated college and became a rock climbing guide in California. She has grown up climbing and if shes not writing she is most likely on the wall!

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