Frequently Asked Questions

About GuideGap

Here’s a list of questions we have come accross since introducing our NEW service!

Will you expose the hidden gems in the area?
We believe everyone has the right to access public lands and we want to make unique and amazing experiences open to everyone.

We match people to their ideal trail, crag, campsite, backcountry tour based on their questionnaire inputs. Guides put what they believe is a perfect fit for your user.

Our Guides act as a natural filter and share information they are comfortable with because it is their backyard.

Who Should Use GuideGap?
GuideGap is designed to help EVERYONE get outside. Online information is plentiful but overwhelming. Forums are intimidating and general lists lead to tourist traps.

Our Guides are professionals and have been verifified to ensure they can assess your wants and ability and put you in the right spot.

Any ability, any special need, any situation, we are professionals and will get you started.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Your Adventure Plan
It takes no longer than 5 days to receive your adventure plan or it is FREE!

All our plans are custom created based on your questionnaire. We have to send it to the Local Guide, they must input their suggestions and we must review it before your adventure plan gets back to you. When you’re dealing with Guides they do not always have the best service and may need a day or two to get back into service.

What if I do not like my adventure plan results?
You trusted us with your next outing and that is something we do not take lightly. We very much appreciate your business and are here to make your life easier and will do everything we can to make sure you’re satisfied.

Lets keep it simple: We offer a full money-back guarantee for all purchases made on our website. If you are not satisfied with your adventure plan, you can get your money back no questions asked.

Does a Guide go with you?
Our Guides do NOT go with you.

GuideGap is a professional guiding service that creates customized adventure plans for our clients. Since our Guides do not physically go with you it’s extremely affordable prices ranging from $20-$40

Why have I not heard of GuideGap?
We are proud to be a grassroots company. This allows our vision and mission to continue to be focused on your best outdoor interests and conservation.

GuideGap Affiliates

Here’s a few common questions regarding GuideGap Affiliates

What does it cost to join GuideGap Affiliates?
It’s free. We are a group of outdoor companies leveraging our websites to improve our online presence. It’s that simple
How do I join?
We are looking for small businesses within the outdoor industry. More specifically, guiding companies and outfitters within our 14 state footprint
What do I have to do?
We share links, place the GuideGap affiliate badge on your website and direct the user to a page within your website that includes links to the other members of GuideGap affiliates. All websites will have a link to your website as well which will boost your rankings within Google

Diversity Outdoors

How are we helping the outdoors become more diverse?

How is GuideGap helping the outdoors become more diverse?
We make it easier to get outside while providing professional insight on where to go.

It can be intimidating to get outside when you’re completely new or have little experience in the outdoors. We all have to start somewhere. Period. We hope our service inspires confidence to new outdoor enthusiests and gives them an exerpience that will inspire future adventures.

Specifically, what is GuideGap doing to make the outdoors more accessible?
We are doing what we are designed to do which is help all backgrounds use our Guide’s knowledge to get outside.

Additionally, we have marketing campaigns targeted toward getting diverse markets outside.

What are your thoughts on diversity outdoors?
We are a company founded by a white male. We have listened and learned and adjusted our strategies to incorporate more diversity outside.

Our service is designed to help users get outside and that is what we are focusing on. We have created strategies to market to new users who have not entered the outdoor market yet and hopefully give them a new community in which they can experience the peace, solitude, and growth that only nature can provide.

Do you have Guides that can provide suggestions for special needs?
We have Guides that can provide outdoor suggestions for ADA/Wheelchair accessible adventures.

Additionally, we have Guides who specialize in child and pet suggestions.

Our culture believes everyone deserves to experience the outdoors if they want to. It’s our job to make sure it’s enjoyable

Our Guides

Lets talk about our Guides!

I love the outdoors can I be a Guide?
Our Guides are professionals. The majority of our Local Guides are full/part time or retired professional Guides.

We have park rangers, outfitters, search and rescue personnel as well but mostly Professional Guides who have spent years working with clients.

We love outdoor enthusiests and know they are extremely knowledgable BUT we require formal outdoor education to be a Guide.

How do you acquire Local Guides?
We have a 4 step hiring process:

1) Resume Review – Must have formal experience

2) Interview – 1 hour interview asking pointed questions about experience and knowledge

3) Case Study – have our Guides complete a case study similar to a transaction they would recieve

4) Meet with Rob our a GuideGap Associate for onboarding

How did you create such a large network?
Time and commitment!

We lived out of our vehicle going to festivals, word of mouth, and anything in between to meet our candidates! They believe in the vision and are excited to share their knowledge

How do Guides get paid?
When you purchase an adventure plan a significant portion of your purchase goes to the Local Guide!

We are very proud to have created a new supplimental revenue stream for such talented albiet low paid professionals! Truly honored.