Family Camping With Children

How To Family Camp With Your Kids

camping with kids

Camping With Your Family

Camping is a great way to get outside, enjoy what you love, and bond in a deeper way with your family. Do you want to go camping with your baby, toddler, or children but you are nervous or do not know if it is a good idea? Well I am here to tell you, that it is a great idea! Camping with your children can be simple, fun, and relaxing. You just have to be prepared.

There are so many important reasons why you should go camping with your family. It is so valuable, especially in today’s world, to introduce our children to nature. The negative ions that running water, trees and growing vegetation put off actually help us create our own serotonin, by neutralizing free radicals and enhancing immunity. So by utilizing what mother nature already provides you can find relaxation on a camping trip with a young one. You can help your children feel more at peace and ease as well as happy by getting them outside. The natural elements – the sun and moon, wind, water, and stars – all aid our children and ourselves in a variety of ways. We need to be teaching our children that they can find refuge in the outside world. We also need to be equipping them so that they can protect our environment and learn lessons of importance.

By teaching our children things like: Leave no trace, walk on trails, how to read maps and stars, learning the cardinal directions and more, we teach them how to be responsible care takers, mindful stewards, independent thinkers, and humble humans. We show them that the world is bigger than just us, and at the same time they play a vital role in its future. It provides us the opportunity and tools to teach our children how to be curious, confident, and cautious.

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10 Tips On Family Camping Or Camping With Kids

But if you are like most parents, you already know that mother nature is our children’s best teacher, but the idea of camping in the woods may still just be too overwhelming. So, here are ten tips that I hope you find useful and encouraging to get you and your bambinos outside overnight.

  1.       Plan and prepare. Create your itinerary geared towards your children, but also be flexible and have back up ideas you can easily switch too.
  2.       Slow down. I have learned that slowing down to my child’s pace – rather than expecting him to keep up with mine – makes a world of difference. He is happier, more patient and more curious.
  3.       SIMPLIFY. I cannot over express this one. The more you simplify, the less you bring, the easier the entire trip will be. I know kids come with a lot and usually want to bring even more, but the more you simplify, at home before you leave, will make a world of difference.
  4.       Snacks. More snacks. And more snacks. It keeps the babies happy but also is a great way to show them we do not litter and how to handle their own food while outside with wild animals.
  5.       Bring a first aid kit that you want to use. Calendula balm is fantastic for bug bites on babies, and coconut oil is a useful sunscreen and mosquito repellent. And if you have a toddler, you cannot bring enough band aids and Neosporin.
  6.       Create a nap time space. This one is hard because naps and down time are so important, but it is hard to recreate that nap time environment we have at home; but I promise it’s doable. Plan it before you leave so you have everything, but find some way to create a dark, cool, safe space that your children will want to nap and rest in.
  7.       Plan activities before you go. If you can keep a baby/toddler/child busy or distracted they are usually in a great mood and you have some peace of mind. So, make a list and always be prepared to have an activity ready for them whether it is in the car, at the campsite, or on the hikes.
  8.       Bring extra clothes and wiping cloths to clean up messes. We use old swaddles or towels but having the ability to easily wipe up any mess and throw that cloth in a dirty laundry bag for when we return home has made my life so much easier while we are out camping. Messes are going to happen when you are living in the dirt with children and having a convenient way to clean and dispose of them relieves a lot of stress.
  9.       Bring a battery or way to recharge items. With our baby we constantly feel the need to have our phones fully charged, the wave machine running, and to have lights (and back up lights) for nighttime. We use a Goal Zero battery and solar panels and it has been a true lifesaver.
  10.   Bring something comforting from home that will help your child feel more “at home” when you are out camping. My son loves cuddling in blankets and pillows at home, so we bring all the pillows and blankets we can for him to feel comfortable and safe.

Just remember to slow down and simplify. Look at nature through your children’s eyes and allow yourself to become the student. Changing your perspective and pace while you are out there will provide a positive and healthy space. Your children and mother nature will teach you amazing things and will be the leaders in making your camping trip something wonderful and relaxing. But it is obvious that planning before you go is key to a successful family camping trip.

camping with kids

Use GuideGap To Plan Your Greatest Family Camping Trip

GuideGap is an incredible resource for families to plan that ideal vacation that will fulfill everyone’s desires for the trip. Whether you have one baby or 5 children, GuideGap can point you in the right direction and provide you with the correct resources so you can spend your time and energy on what matters – your relationship with your family and nature. GuideGap will make you feel more prepared, at ease and confident to take your children out camping. The Local Guides can provide not only campsite options, but also hikes and activities that your unique family will love and remember. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s plan a trip and help our children see the beautiful world we live in!

About The Author: Jordan McLean

When she is not running her two businesses you can find her outside with her family. She has climbed, biked, surfed, skied, and camped all over the world while making Flagstaff her homebase for the last decade. You will typically find her climbing mountains, on ropes or a splitboard, with her husband. These days they are exploring more kid friendly crags in the Sedona and Flagstaff area with their toddler. Check out her company, which empowers women to explore the unknown, at: Goldenwaveconsulting

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