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Small business is the lifeblood of America. Sometimes its difficult to step out of the shadow of industry giants. GuideGap Affiliates is here to help do that.

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The outdoors is a place to escape, relax, grow, and explore. We are here to help you get outside.

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Guiding Companies:

Spotted Dog Cycles: Based out of beautiful Missoula, Montana, Spotted Dog Cycles is a mixed terrain touring company with dirt and gravel on the mind. Our goal is to provide any bike minded person who has ever desired the freedom of Bikepacking or road touring the opportunity to do so.


Guiding Companies:

Granite Mountain Guides: Prescott Arizona, We were established on the foundations of providing exceptional instruction to climbers that are just learning the craft. From there it blossoms into how we can best serve the local community even more by promoting this wonderful area for all to experience on our guided trips. All of our Instructors are well-qualified American Mountain Guides Association certified in their specific terrain. Granite Mountain Guides can fulfill your needs and help you achieve your goals!


Guiding Company

Golden Mountain Guides: Golden Mountain Guides is no stranger to the mountains or the adventure they provide! With over 300 days of ‘Colorado Golden’ sunshine a year, our guides spend countless hours trekking through the backcountry, trudging up snow-slopes, and scaling the many cliffs we call home. Climbing is for everyone, regardless of your experience level, and we can prove it. We have the local knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your dreams or check another tick off the bucket list. Let us show you what sets us apart!

Outdoor Retailers

Intravene Wellness Therapies: If you’re headed to the mountains consider IV Therapy to prevent altitude sickness! Intravene is a mobile IV therapy company who will come to you and make sure you’re hydrated before you hit the mountains!


Guiding Companies:

Aspect Adventure: Our company provides self-sufficient, private wilderness basecamps and guided activities that give our groups a unique immersive experience. Based in Salt Lake City, UT, Aspect Adventure has the ability to operate in some of North America’s most remarkable outdoor playgrounds. We believe these nature retreats provide productive spaces for meaningful dialogue, team programming, and adventure activities.


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