About GuideGap

Our Who

We make plans for people who don’t have time to make plans. Do you love the outdoors but don’t want to spend hours/days trying to find the most scenic hike, that fits your ability level, that keeps you out of a tourist trap? We get it. And we’re here to help.

Our What

Our professional Guides create customized trip plans for you so that you can adventure in awesome places, without paying the price of a traditional guided experience.

Our Why

When you’re planning a trip to the outdoors, sifting through countless websites and reading hundreds of reviews, can be timely and overwhelming. Personally, we’ve been burned by inaccurate reviews, or we’ve spent hours researching online, only to be funneled into crowded tourists’ traps. Traditionally, to avoid this, people opt into paying for a guided experience. But not everyone needs this or can afford it. This made us realize there was a clear GAP within the industry. You either pay for a guided experience, or you’re left to figure it out on your own.
Knowing there had to be an easier way to get people outdoors, without the hassle of online research or high-priced guided tours, we started GuideGap to eliminate this gap within the outdoor industry.

Our Team

GuideGap is a grass roots company lead by a network of professional guides who love the areas they live in. They know their communities better than any website review or trip advisor and know how to best prepare you when adventuring in their town. Check out who some of our Guide’s are here!


GuideGap is founded on the conservation of one of our greatest resources; our public lands. We strive to create a positive outdoor experience for individuals and families alike to create advocates and future advocates for the outdoors. The outdoors have inspired, revived, and maintained a desire to explore, adventure, and create lasting memories with those we love and we promise to protect our public lands in any way we can.

Our Guides share their knowledge of their most cherished places within their community. This creates the possibility for increased traffic. We ask that you please respect the information our Guides share to minimize the impact on some of their treasured escapes. As GuideGap grows, we will give back a percentage of our profits to help our Locals maintain and conserve these areas.



Rob’s love for the outdoors started years ago when he picked up backpacking as a hobby. That hobby turned into a passion for the outdoors and next thing he knew, he was living out in Colorado mountain biking, rock climbing, camping, climbing 14ers, and snowboarding during his “down time”. When he’s not working on GuideGap you may find him training for his next big summit, living out of his vehicle meeting guides, or volunteering through the local mountaineering school. Simply put, Rob loves every piece of the outdoor community. And it is this passion, and appreciation for those who support the outdoor community, that drove him to create GuideGap! 

I was primarily driven by the passion to help others enjoy the outdoors to the fullest potential. As I created this network I realized what this extra income can do for outdoor professionals across the 14 states within our footprint.
Entrepreneurship is hard, I pulled what I had from my 401K and I went after it. Introducing a new concept will always bring doubt but I never stopped believing in the network of guides we have and what GuideGap can do not just for outdoor enthusiasts but what we can do for the industry.
We have created a new service to not only help people get outside but have a better more unique experience using information from real Local Guides. With every purchase a significant portion goes to the Guide who created the trip plan. Additionally, the Guide gets to support their favorite small town businesses via out town insight page.
During networking, I noticed small guiding outfits and mom and pop shops could use a boost with ecommerce. We further created GuideGap Affiliates a group of vetted small businesses that leverage their resources to support each other and complete against the growing number of corporations entering the outdoor industry.
I truly believe in this product and those that try us are ecstatic over the suggestions and experiences they have. That drives me but we can always use your support! Please! Give us a try and we will get you the best outdoor experience possible while you’re visiting new locations. We will help you find where to go so you can be and feel like a Local Guide.
We are a grass roots company lead by a network of professionals who love the areas they live. They want to share and help you explore and get as many people outside as possible. Thats why we exist and thats why we continue to work, live out of our vehicles, and play outside.

GuideGap Supports All Avenues Of The Outdoors