3 Reasons Maine Should Be on Everyone’s Adventure Bucket List

If you’re looking for a unique outdoor experience, Maine is the place to be. Home to mountains, lakes, rivers, and ocean, there are boundless outdoor spaces to explore. Here are three reasons Maine should be your next adventure destination.
1. There’s something for everybody.
What outdoor adventures and activities are there in Maine? The short answer is, everything! Maine’s rugged, rocky coastline and millions of acres of remote wilderness are some of its most iconic features. From surfing and sea kayaking in the Atlantic Ocean, to paddling remote wilderness waterways, to hiking or climbing almost anywhere in the state, you can do it all here. Just want to relax and enjoy the solitude and freedom of Maine’s wilderness? You’ll love the number of covert, secluded campsites in Northern Maine.
Maine’s outdoor industry has so much to offer. We pride ourselves on our hunting, fishing, whitewater rafting, skiing, mountain biking, trail running, and more. And if you’re a lover of local beer, art, and food, we have that too.
If you’re into snowmobiling, Maine boasts the ITS, or interconnected trail system, including over 3500 miles of trails. Connected by railroad beds, frozen lakes, vast fields, and thousands of sections of private land, you’ll see it all on the ITS and connector trails. Mainers often say, “You can’t get there from here,” alluding to the fact that many Maine roads don’t connect easily. To illustrate, if you try to get from any Northwestern town to another, you’ll find that you need to drive south before heading back north, even though the places are geographically close. Try searching Carrabassett Valley to The Forks, two common adventure destinations, and you’ll see what I mean. Driving can be a pain, but fortunately, when you’re on the ITS, chances are, you can get there from here.
Gulf Hagas, located in the 100 mile wilderness

Maine is Ripe with Adventure

2. You won’t find wild, untouched beauty quite like it anywhere else.
Did you know that about 90% of Maine is forested? That’s the highest percentage of any state in the country! Some of the most magical places in Maine are ones you’ve probably never heard of. You won’t find our best hiking trails off of major roads and highways. You’ll find them tucked far away on back roads, sometimes paved, sometimes not.
What’s unique about Maine is that very little is actually public land. Unlike the western mountain states, much of Maine’s wilderness is private land that is owned by logging companies and private landowners. But that doesn’t mean it’s off limits. In fact, lots of private land is open for all kinds of recreation! You just need to know the rules and respect the areas. For example, the Grafton Loop Trail, a 40-mile loop similar to the ultra-popular Pemi Loop in New Hampshire, is the result of many different parties coming together in 2007 to create the loop. The trail was made possible by the collaboration of private landowners, the state of Maine, the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) and the Maine Appalachian Trail Club (MATC).
Maine is home to the 100 mile wilderness – and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Located on the Appalachian Trail, the infamous and rugged 100 mile wilderness is the longest stretch without any road crossings or resupply points, making it one of the most challenging sections for hikers. In fact, many Appalachian Trail hikers say that their favorite part, and the hardest part, of the trail is in Maine.

Visit Maine for Your Next Adventure

3. You’ll meet the friendliest people in the country.
Mainers are generous, kind, and open. If you find yourself striking up a conversation with a local, expect to be treated like an old friend. Here, towns are small and homes are few and far between, so people learn to trust each other and lean in when in need. You’ll probably be met with curiosity if you’re not from here. If you find yourself sharing your life story with a stranger, don’t be surprised!
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About The Author: Anna

Anna Kulinski is a writer, outdoor educator, and guide based in Maine. She’s home in the mountains, and is always looking for more ways to explore the outdoors and share beautiful places with others. Some of her greatest passions include climbing, skiing, running, and thru-hiking. When she’s not outside, Anna likes to read and paint. Read more of her work at: https://annakulinski.weebly.com/

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